What is DTC?

DTC  is an abbreviation for Sodium Dimethyldithiocarbamate and Potassium Dimethyldithiocarbamate.  DTC was developed by the Union Carbide Company as a pesticide and fungicide, after WWII.  In the 1970’s DTC began being used as a processing agent in the rubber vulcanizing process and was also found to be an extremely effective reducing and precipitating agent for the treatment and removal of heavy metal ions from industrial wastewater.  It is added to industrial wastewater pretreatment systems during the neutralization and precipitation process.

Problems occur when too much DTC is added – and water testing can be extremely expensive and time-consuming. DTC Test Kits solve these problems for WWT operators and EPA technicians.

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  • Portable Solution – DTC Test Kits are your portable solution for quantitatively analyzing thiocarbamic pesticides in wastewater and soil – small, accurate and easy to use.

  • Widely Applicable – Ideal for a range of manufacturing industries as well as Environmental Protection Agency professionals, these tests give you the information you need to keep treatment water clean and safe.

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Our first product, a test kit for Sodium Dimethyldithiocarbamate, was among four finalists at the Chattanooga Test Counsel’s Early Innovator Awards.


We patented two methods to analyze DTC, which we fit into test kits. Another method and test kit is in development to analyze DTC using immersion test strips.


Our test kits are reasonably priced because our goal is to make sure that every company that uses DTC around the world has a quick and accurate method to analyze it.


The EPA has started to more closely regulate the use of DTC and, in some states, is requiring companies have a method to quantitatively analyze DTC residuals.


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