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Please read below for answers to the most common customer service questions. With all other questions, please feel free to contact us at and we’ll be happy to help! Or, you can visit our Contact page to contact us via online form. Our team will respond as soon as possible.

Who will handle the cost of shipping if the product is damaged?

DTC Test Kits will handle the cost of re-shipment if the product arrives damaged. Simply contact us with images of the damage right away and we’ll make sure you get a kit that will work perfectly.

How soon should a customer expect to see their order?

Your order should arrive within 7-10 business days from the date you ordered.

How many tests are possible with the Colorimeter Test Kit before I have to reorder Indicator?

Anywhere from 200 – 340. There are usually 16 – 22 drops per milliliter and the C.I. drop bottle has a 15 mL capacity.

What is the shelf life of the Titration Reagent?

Titration Reagent is a strong oxidizing agent with a standard shelf life of 60 days. It is possible, however, to check the accuracy of Titration Reagent by titrating a solution having known DTC residual concentration. A mathematical constant may then be established that will make older Reagent more accurate as it ages. Contact DTC Test Kits for known DTC Standard Solutions.

How many tests are possible with the Titration Reagent?

That depends upon the average DTC residual concentration. If the average DTC residual concentration in the water being analyzed was 200 ppm, for instance, it would be possible to run 30 tests before replacing the Titration Reagent.

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